Sales and Medical Representatives Training Meeting –February 2015

A one day Sales and Medical Representatives Training Meeting held in Mehr Gostar Tamin Daroo Company on 8th February.

The aim of this meeting was to evaluate and discuss the possible policies to promote sales in pharmacies and also increasing dentists’ prescriptions.

Besides the sales policies and dentists visits methods in the last two months of the year ,some effective trainings for promoting Medreps visits from dentists

and accordingly increasing the number of the prescriptions sent to pharmacies have been presented

Moreover necessary points for sales in pharmacies and dentists offices and also customers` complaints follow up discussed in this meeting.

All of the sales and marketing directors and all provinces sales supervisors attended in the meeting.

Their valuable attitudes and experiences were indeed very effective and helpful.

In the final hours of the session ,Dr.Ali Babaie,CEO of Mehr Gostar Tamin Daroo had an speech about the company policies

;he also received Medreprs attitudes and points about their progresses and problems.

At the end of the meeting, the group returned to their cities with the hope of more success in the two last months of the year .