Student’s competitions in collaboration with dentists

Based on the key role of oral hygiene and efforts in preventing cavities in children,MehrGostarTaminDaroo Co. has started its campaign in collaboration with Dental Information Institute under Mr.Moadi`s Management.

The aim of such collaboration is to inform the students about the importance and available methods of the Oral Health.

In this campaign more than 2000 competition posters will be given to the schools; correct answers should be sent to 500022050945.

It is the fourth round of this competition and each year students receive it gladly.

This time the competition`s question is ( whether brushing the teeth too hard can cause damages?).

Based on the drawing, winners may receive G.U.M Oral Care Package.

Other Groups which take part in this campaign are:

ShahidBeheshti University`s Social Section of DentistryFaculty and Oral Care Research Division of World Health Organization.