The party of the competition for “Dinner with Mr.Golzar “was held.

The party of competition for “Dinner with Mr.Golzar “valid from 11th September – 11th November ,was held in Bice International Restaurant. Mr.Golzar, Iranian famous celebrity attended in this party and the winners of this competition had a great time with their superstar.

This competition was a photography contest with idea of taking photo with Mr.Golzar `s Stands located in pharmacies and Hypermarkets .Best photos have been uploaded in MGTD ` G.U.M Instagram page. Finally 10 photos which received most Likes from the followers were selected as the winners. In addition based on a lottery,25 other photos were selected and added to the winners. All winners attended in the celebrity in Bice International Restaurant of Parsian Azadi International Hotel.

Dr.Ali Babaie ,MGTD CEO was there and have awarded Sunstar Switzerland appreciation to Mr.Golzar for his efforts. In the following winners received their awards from Mr.Golzar and took photo with him. Also Mr.Golzar cut the cake which was decorated with G.U.M logo. At the end Mr.Golzar had an interview in which he mentioned the results of his cooperation with G.U.M brand and he appreciated from all his fans.

Such competitions with the goal of raising awareness of G.U.M brand and importance of Oral Care field, shall be continued.