Business Development

MGTD has always maintained a tradition of developing successful partnerships with reputed parties all over the world, in addition to its own development projects. MGTD welcomes the US, Japanese and European companies to partner with us and cash in on a mutual beneficial and fruitful business opportunities and forges broadpartnerships to develop, register and commercialize their products in our health ministry (Out- Lenience). Rising the confidence in our financial management and our capital resource encourage us to press ahead on a normalization path that consequently has helped us drive up yields in the mutual business. Our Investors no longer need to take on as much risk to generate enough return on their fiscal budgets. Our Investors have piled into safest business in our organization for search of higher their yields and their remarkable dividends.

We are actively evaluating potential (Out-licensing) opportunities for Generic and innovative products, where significant unmet medical need exists or in subset patient populations where the compound may have significant promise.