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Being committed to the business ethical principles, MGTD is a member of United Nations Global Compact, an organization in which members are committed to report their yearly social activities to the United Nations. This may include any action related to environment, health or other humanitarian actions. Following these principles and based on its own responsibility for improving the social health levels with the help of high quality products, MGTD tries to promote oral health of the society.

Therefore it has started the importation of G.U.M products, the most scientific oral health care products. After having the products available in the market, it was the time to show its commitment regarding improving the quality of life specially in oral health area. It was a need to appoint a "Health Ambassador" among the famous people to actualize the plan. Finally Mr.Golzar, a famous good looking Iranian actor who is the symbol of health and beauty ,has been appointed and fortunately despite his strict working principles, he accepted cooperation with G.U.M to be the first health ambassador with the special slogan "Healthy Life, Healthy GUM". So after 12 years from Mr.Golzar last presence with famous brands, again he started to be on stage with G.U.M brand. The dedicated slogan mirrors the direct relation between GUM Health and Healthy Life. At first glance healthy life means having a healthy body and then effect of such well-being on life.

Since Mr.Golzar is one of the celebrities famous for well-being , good looking and success, appointing him as the first health ambassador was indeed the best choice in order to take people attention to his beautiful smiles which can be a hint to our selected slogan.