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Being a member of United Nations Global Compact, MehrGostarTaminDaroo has started its cooperation with Taf Dental Organization from August 2014.

Taf Rehabilitation Center offers its special services in two divisions of Swallowing Disorders and Dental Care for the people with disabilities. Dental Specialists provideexcellent services to the people with disabilities.

1.Dental Section:

All dental services including (Implants,Crown,Fixed and Removable Prosthesis, Surgery,Repair, Canal…) served to disabled individuals in two divisions of clinical and anesthesia for the people who are not capable enough in their dentistry visits.

2.Rehabilitation Section:

Providing treatments and services for the swallowing disorders by dysphagia specialists.

TaminDaroo has cooperated with Taf Dental Organization in the following fields:

  • Sponsorship for Taf `s programs including programs for Medical Congresses in the country and providing necessary features.
  • Preparing informative posters in cooperation with G.U.M and Taf Dental Organization
  • Offering G.U.M oral care products, special for the people with disabilities, such as Easy Flossers,Flossmate Handle,Tongue Cleaner to the Taf Dental Organization at the lowest price.